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Tactical allocation for volatile markets

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GAA Co-Head Jason Vaillancourt explains tactical allocation tools

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Headlines you need to know this week   —   May 22, 2018

Millennials say debt is an obstacle to saving in a 401(k)
One-third of Millennials cited debt as the leading obstacle to contributing to a 401(k) or buying a home. A recent study found that 25% of Millennials have an average of $30,000 worth of debt. Another 11% reported debt in excess of $100,000 and only 22% said they were debt free. The number one source of debt was credit cards, followed by student loans, the study noted.
Many factors drive gender savings gap
Women may have to work longer to maximize Social Security and other retirement benefits in order to enjoy a retirement that is on par with a man, according to a recent Merrill Lynch study. In addition to planning for longevity, women face other challenges, such as the reality of a gender pay gap, the fact that women hold 64% of all student debt, and the need to plan for higher health costs.
Even after the filing season, investors want to talk taxes
Just because tax season is over does not mean investors want to ignore tax planning. According to the American Institute of CPAs and Harris Poll, 80% of affluent individuals (those with more than $250,000 in investible assets), use the information on their tax return to help guide financial planning in the coming year. With tax documents already at hand, it’s an opportune time for advisors to talk with investors about the implications of tax reform in 2018.

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