Sustainable investing

Seeking to make real world impact through well-researched investment decisions

Putnam adds context and analysis to ESG data.

Our sustainable investing team is part of the core Equity Research group.

Integrated research produces deeper insights to advance the effectiveness of ESG, sustainability, and impact analysis.

Pursuing the potential of two types of sustainable strategies

Sustainable Future strategy invests in growth companies that directly demonstrate positive impact in social, environmental, or economic development. Sustainable Leaders strategy invests in growth companies committed to the goal of delivering positive financial and ESG performance.

Strategy Category Inception date Benchmark
Putnam Sustainable Future strategy U.S. Equities November 30, 2017 Russell Midcap Growth Index
Putnam Sustainable Leaders strategy U.S. Equities March 31, 2018 S&P 500 Index

Learn about our progress pursuing returns and real world impact

In this inaugural assessment, the Sustainable Investing team provides multidimensional views of our portfolios' sustainability metrics and social and environmental impact, including examples of portfolio holdings.

Dive into key topics
Portfolio ESG rankings vs. peers

Many investors want to see a snapshot view that shows a portfolio's aggregate ESG ratings or rankings, and many value the independence of an assessment that is based on third-party data.

Carbon intensity

Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases (GHG) trap thermal radiation from the earth's surface, sustaining natural life.

Women on boards of directors

Our portfolios do have a higher-than-market representation of companies where women comprise 30% or more of total board membership.

Browse our Perspectives

Solutions to antibiotic resistance

Solutions to antibiotic resistance

As the focus on natural ingredients intensifies, so has concern about antibiotic use in food production.

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Talking sustainability with CEOs

Talking sustainability with CEOs

We have ongoing dialogue with the management teams of companies in which we invest, across a wide range of sustainability-related topics.

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How company diversity can help performance

How company diversity can help performance

The potential to improve work performance is perhaps the most intriguing and least understood argument for diversity — and worth examining in more depth.

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Sustainable investing capabilities

Putnam's Sustainable Investing team manages two strategies that integrate fundamental equity research with analysis of relevant sustainability issues.

The team also generates independent, in-depth research on specific ESG (environmental, social, and governance) issues. Our analysts have deep fundamental understanding to utilize ESG data within the relevant context of each company and industry, and they share insights across Putnam's global research platform.

Katherine Collins, CFA, MTS
Head of Sustainable Investing | Industry since 1990
Responsible for sustainable investment research, strategy implementation, and thought leadership.

Shep Perkins, CFA
Co-Head of Equities | Industry since 1993
Responsible for providing strategic direction to portfolio managers and equity analysts.

Stephanie Dobson
Portfolio Manager, Analyst | Industry since 2011
Conducts fundamental analysis and valuation of companies, evaluating their ESG performance.

Alexander Rickson, CFA
Quantitative Analyst | Industry since 2000
Interprets ESG quantitative data and its application to risk management and portfolio construction.